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  • See and Hear how God speaks in intimate Relationship
  • Learn to Leave Behind every Distress by Receiving God’s Rest
  • Learn to Hear and Celebrate who Father God says you are
  • Have long ago Wounds Transformed into Joyful Calling and Purpose
  • Learn to BE and LIVE LOVED, continually Held in the Heart of God

Janis' writing PULLS YOU INTO THE BEAUTY OF GOD in great depth! She continually encourages to get the focus off of self towards God and His Kingdom. Her writing is LAYERED WITH INVITATION again and again as she comes at it from different angles. God is definitely extending an invitation, in a GENTLE AND LOVELY way, to all who are reading, to come into His arms of love, safety, and truth. Possibilities to comprehend that He is real for each are found within BE LOVED, not just addressing the mind, but the spirit, as well as the heart, INVITING INTO THE REALM OF GOD’S KINGDOM.

Theora Meyers

House of Intrepid – Rhema Ministries, Ireland

In Be Loved, Janis Gilbertson bravely tells us her story of coming to a place of profound healing. She shares her stories with HONESTY, GRACE, HUMOUR AND VULNERABILITY. She also shares with us and expounds on specially chosen experiences, verses and quotes that have had a deep impact on her. And she explains how her spirituality and relationship with Jesus (and her cat!) has given her a safe haven to weather her emotional storms. Her writing holds acceptance of self and provides ENCOURAGEMENT TO OTHERS on their own healing journey. Janis has a FIERCE HEART and is a SURVIVOR. This shines through in her writing, encouraging all of us to meet our journey where we are at and to TAKE A CHANCE at beginning the baby steps that will help us to emerge from our protective shell and begin to heal at our own pace.

Onalea Gilbertson

Creator, Performer, Director on National and International stages

What a WONDERFUL TESTIMONY! In this book, Janis shares her experience of healing as she encounters the voice of the Wonderful Counselor. This book containing her story demonstrates that Jesus is alive today and is truly the healer of our hearts, the restorer of our souls and the deliverer of our lives. Jesus has given Janis a new life, and this is her testimony of the words He has spoken and the life He has given. May each reader also ENCOUNTER THE HEALING WORDS OF THE WONDERFUL COUNSELOR.

Dr. Mark Virkler

Communion with God Ministries